Listed here is the stories I’m currently writing if you’re interested in reading them please remember they are not finished, and I am currently editing them every day, so you might read it one day, and the next, notice that it has changed.

I Have colour coded the titles so you can choose the story you’d like to read with the star in them, Cheryl in kinda in or linked to all of them so she’ll turn up at some point in them all, They are listed here in the correct timeline however, they will be released in a different order, release order at the end of the titles.

To find out more about each star, click on their names below, names marked with (*) are rumored only, I have not made up my mind as to whether they will be in the story or not yet.

.:Main Stars:.
Cheryl | Danny | Jennifer & Steven | Mel | Ashleigh | Sam | Multiple
.:Secondary Stars:.
Nathan Coleman

Ideal World (Not Started) 11

Where our story begins, where Sam’s plan is put in motion, new partners join his team and begin their research into human mutation and gene manipulation.
– Main Star: Sam
– Guest Stars: Cheryl | Steven* | Danny* | Mel* | Ashleigh*

Messenger (Not Started) 04

Ashleigh Carey’s story – Still Thinking – Set at the same time as Before The Flame….
– Main Star: Ashleigh
– Guest Stars: Cheryl

Before The Flame (Not Started) 06

Prequel to From The Ashes, Before Cheryl got attacked and set at the same time as Messenger
– Main Star: Cheryl
– Guest Stars: Sam | Ashleigh*

From The Ashes (Started) 01

Cheryl Carey aged 22 works in a tower block in London as a legal secretary in a big law firm called Turner and Coleman.

She dreams of becoming a film star, an actresses like Jessica Alba or Angelina Jolie, works hard at her job to keep her lavish lifestyle as pleasant as possible, very into fashion and the way she looks, a beautiful girl but never convinced when she greets herself in the mirror each morning, always unhappy with her image, always changing her hair style and colour, compliments flow her way, however, none of them ever sink in, she is very modest, shy and quiet, never stands up for herself or expresses what she’s thinking.

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– Main Stars: Cheryl | Nathan
– Guest Stars: Sam* | Ashleigh*

Destined (Not Started) 02

Jennifer Carey and Steven James both aged 25 begin work in a warehouse just outside London.

Jennifer had worked there for 8 months, she has a husband of 2 years.
Steven had only just joined the company, has a girlfriend and baby girl of 3 years old.

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– Main Stars: Jennifer | Steven
– Guest Stars: Cheryl*

The Search (Not Started) 05

The Sequels to From The Ashes & What If.
– Main Stars: Cheryl | Danny
– Guest Stars: Sam* | Jennifer* | Steven* | Ashleigh*

What IF (Not Started) 03

Danny Carey goes back in time to kill Hitler and finds out that when he returns to the present, things are a hell of a lot worse for everyone, another power takes control of the world, a group of people who was killed during Hitler’s crusades take control of Europe of and Asia.

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– Main Stars: Danny
– Guest Stars: Cheryl* | Ashleigh*

Fari – Stronger (Not Started) 07

The five previous stars come together in order to put down the new threat created by Factory Nebula 1.
– Main Stars: Cheryl | Ashleigh | Danny | Jennifer | Steven
– Guest Stars: Sam* | Nathan*

Just Mel (Not Started) 10

In the massive battle of London, Mel is struck by a falling car, however, somehow seems to survive, is she to replace the missing piece, lost from Fari – Stronger or is she another threat created by the Pathfinder project for Factory Nebula 1.
– Main Stars: Mel
– Guest Stars: Sam | Ashleigh | Cheryl* | Nathan*

Pathfinder (Not Started) 08

Behind the scenes at Pathfinder, what is really going on here, how does it connect with Factory Nebula 1 and Sam Carey?
– Main Stars: Sam | Danny
– Guest Stars: Ashleigh | Mel | Steven | Cheryl* | Ashleigh* | Nathan*

Obession (Not Started) 09

After the terrific defeat in London, Danny sets his mind to protect the remaining members of his family, his obsession get out of hand and not even a visit from Ashleigh is enough to calm his fears of what’s to come, the team disband and begin to lose contact with each other.
– Main Stars: Danny | Mel | Sam
– Guest Stars: Cheryl* | Ashleigh*

Fari 2 – Reunited (Not Started) 13

– Main Stars: Cheryl | Mel | Jennifer | Steven | Danny
– Guest Stars: Sam* | Ashleigh*

Trapped Between Worlds
(Not Started) 14

Ashleigh’s spirit is trapped between Earth and what lays beyond, unable to leave for more than a couple of minutes at a time, she attempts to contact Danny and Cheryl but is unsuccessive, can her connection to Mel be enough to help her move on?
– Main Stars: Ashleigh | Mel
– Guest Stars: Cheryl | Jennifer*

Fari 3 – The Forgotten Power
(Not Started) ##

– Main Stars: Mel | Jennifer | Cheryl | Danny | Steven
– Guest Stars: Sam* | Ashleigh*

Fari 4 – Beyond (Not Started) ##

– Main Stars: Ashleigh | Mel | Steven | Cheryl | Danny
– Guest Stars: Sam* | Jennifer*

Fari 5 – Normality (Not Started) ##

– Main Stars: Steven | Jennifer | Mel | Ashleigh | Sam
– Guest Stars: Danny | Cheryl* | Nathan*