From The Ashes

Jeeze my head is ringing, is that the smell of bleach I can smell? That machine beeping needs to quiet it down a little, OK let’s try opening my eyes, that might help.

Blinding light from the overhanging lamp isn’t helping my head, as I look around the room I’m sure I had too much to drink last night as I haven’t the foggiest as to where I am right now.

“Miss Turner, Miss Turner, are you OK Miss Turner”

I kinda wanted to how this Miss Turner was myself, I forced my eyes open all the way and looked around for other people in the room, I quickly noticed that other than a well-dressed gentleman, wearing slightly too much aftershave for my linking, I was the only person in the room and this person was, in fact, talking to me, hold on, does he think that I’m Miss Turner, that is ridiculous, my name is Cheryl, Cheryl.

Why can’t I think of my second name, how much did I drink last night, I honestly couldn’t tell you my second name, my address or anything other than, the fact I know I am very confused right now. What is going on?

Well no point talking to me, I had might as well be polite, but what do I say.

I cleared my through before attempting to speak.
“Ermmmm, are you referring to me?”

“Indeed, Miss Turner”
He said as he got up from the chair he’d been sat in at my bedside, by the looks of the empty wrappers of crisps and biscuits on the side table and the lack of shoes on his feet, he’d been there quite a while.

“Are you OK? He repeated”