OK, starting again

I know it’s been a few years since I started this website but I am ready to start writing again.

I have revamped this website so it looks modern and easier to navigate, take look around and send me your feedback on the site and my ideas,


Story Idea: SkyFall Network

An A.I abandoned by her creator with no memory of her past, on the run from those who would use her intelligence for their own selfish ideals, she stumbles upon a lonely man in a dead-end job, on the verge of depression, she begins to learn human values and forms an emotional connection with him.
Together they attempt to uncover what happened to her in the beginning of her life, her true identity and why she is really here, her story is bigger then anyone could imagine.

Throughout the story they uncover who is after her, Skylar


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Story Idea 3: What If

Danny Carey goes back in time to kill Hitler and finds out that when he returns to the present, things are a hell of a lot worse for everyone, another power takes control of the world, a group of people who was killed during Hitler’s crusades take control of Europe of and Asia.

Danny tried to fix this by killing the group however yet again things take a turn for the worse, Japan takes control of the USA and destroys London, New York and Sydney as a demonstration of their power after creating the nuclear bomb.

Each time Danny returns to the past he makes things worse and worse and he is unable to change things back to normal, he tried to go back and talk himself out of it but he won’t listen, the only way to return things the way they were is to kill himself and stop him from messing with history.

Story Idea 2: Destined


Jennifer Carey and Steven James both aged 25 begin work in a warehouse just outside London.

Jennifer had worked there for 8 months, she has a husband of 2 years.
Steven had only just joined the company, has a girlfriend and baby girl of 3 years old.

They two had never seen each other before Steven had joined the company, however, the day they meet they connect with each other almost instantly, they share the same interests…….



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Story Idea 1: From The Ashes


Cheryl Carey aged 22 works in a tower block in London as a legal secretary in a big law firm called Turner and Coleman.

She dreams of becoming a film star, an actresses like Jessica Alba or Angelina Jolie, works hard at her job to keep her lavish lifestyle as pleasant as possible, very into fashion and the way she looks, a beautiful girl but never convinced when she greets herself in the mirror each morning, always unhappy with her image, always changing her hair style and colour, compliments flow her way, however, none of them ever sink in, she is very modest, shy and quiet, never stands up for herself or expresses what she’s thinking.
One afternoon on the way back from work Cheryl become the victim of a brutal assault by a gang of thugs and left for dead, she is found very near death, rushed to hospital where she was diagnosed as brain dead, her vital signs were below minimum, the doctor didn’t think she was going to make it through the night.

Surprisingly, she fights through the night and even though being diagnosed as brain dead, she makes a full recovery in just three weeks, however she fails to recover her memory of the attack or of who she is, she finds among her belongings, Identification with her address and job position at Turner and Coleman along with her mobile phone and bank card, everything tells Cheryl her name is Cheryl Turner and she works for Turner and Coleman.

Two weeks after settling back into her life and feeling almost ready to return to work, Cheryl begins experiencing what she be leaves to be flashbacks of her attack, however each time it happens she experiences a different flashback, it appears to be a different place, different time of day and different circumstances, this begins to worry her, is she going crazy Has she been attacked this many times in the past? Was this just a recent in a long line of attacks she’s suffered in her life? Has she fully recovered from her attack or is her mind making these images up? Is she witnessing other people being attacked by the same people who attacked her?

She must work out what is really happening to her, who she really is before the gang find out she is still alive, she must also find out what is going on before the doctors have her hospitalised for her own safety as she is suspected of losing her mind.

She believes that her “flashbacks” as described by the physiotherapist are not flashbacks at all, she is convinced that she is seeing the future and seeing other people being attacked by the same people who attacked her and as a result becomes a suspect in many assault cases and warned by the police to stay away from trouble and investigated after being found at the scene of a murder.

Her identification “Cheryl Turner” appears to be fake she is accused of lying and fraud, luckily her boss at Turner and Coleman provides an alibi explaining that her I.D was cancelled when she was reported dead, they send someone to collect her and she is looked after by her uncle Timothy Turner.

Cheryl tries her best to juggle getting back to her normal life and coming to terms with what is going on with work and discovering what is going on inside her head as these flashbacks continue to interrupt her days.

The only person Cheryl can turn to is her best friend, Sophie Baker until she meets Dave from upstairs, Dave is more than helpful and supportive to Cheryl, he helps her recover from her attack and is a shoulder to cry on when no one believes Cheryl’s interpretation of her flashbacks.

Does he really believes her or is he just attracted to her? does he know more than he is letting on or is he just a nice guy, Cheryl needs someone she can rely on as her life continues to get weirder and weirder, things she’s only read about in books and seen on TV start happening to her, her life becomes one event after another, her true identity is uncovered along with a family she never knew she had, life isn’t as simple as she thought, it is more wonderful, so much more spectacular and far more dangerous!

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